The Three Masters

Once there was an excellent Sufi saint. In his last days, somebody asked him concerning his master.
Saint said, “I had thousands and thousands of masters and if i even attempt to tell you regarding every of them, it'll take months or years and it's too late for that. however since you asked i'll definitely tell you regarding 3 master..”
# Among 3 of them One master was a stealer.

Once whereas wandering around in an exceedingly desert i got lost and until i found some way and reached village it had been too late. Everything was closed and there was nobody outside.
At last i found a person United Nations agency was attempting to form hole in an exceedingly wall. I visited ward him asked him if i might realize an area to remain. He replied thereto it'll be tough to seek out an area to remain at this point of night however you cans Tay with Maine, if its pleased with you to remain with a stealer. I stayed with him for a month.
Each night he would say Maine that, “I am reaching to work. you'll be able to rest and pray.”
When he came back i might raise him, “Did you get something today?”
He would reply, “No not tonight however tomorrow i'll strive once more. God Willing.”
Even once daily disappointment he ne'er lost hope and he was continually happy.
When i was meditating for years and still nothing modified, several moments came wherever i might get therefore desperate and hopeless that i believed of departure all this so suddenly i might keep in mind words of that stealer that, “God willing, Tomorrow it's reaching to happen. ”

# Second master was a Dog
Once i used to be going along with of a stream, there i saw a dog United Nations agency was terribly thirsty. I saw that as dog looked into stream to drink water, it saw his own image and got afraid. Seeing his own reflection dog barked and ran away. however as a result of dog was too thirsty he would return. This happened several time however finally despite his worry, dog jumped into water.
Seeing this i knew that it had been a message from God. It means one has got to continue despite all of his fears.

# Third master was very little boy
As i entered a city i saw a bit child carrying a lit candle in his hands.
I asked him, “Have you lit this candle yourself? ”
He replied, “Yes sir.”
I said, “There was time once candle wasn't lit and once it had been lit however are you able to show Maine the supply from that lightweight came?”
Boy laughed and blew out the candle and aforementioned ,”You have seen lightweight go? are you able to tell Maine wherever it had gone?? ”
Boy continuing, “Ok, i'll tell you it had gone to constant place wherever it emerged. It had came to the supply.”
This shattered my ego and at that moment i felt however stupid i used to be. And since then i simply born all my Knowledge-ability.
I had no master however this doesn’t means i used to be not an acquaintance. I accepted this whole universe, whole existence as my master.

In this world there ar variant supply and you'll be able to Learn from each doable supply. With a Master you begin Learning to be told.

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