Old Man's Reply

Once there was associate degree poor recent man wont to board a village. He was poor nonetheless even king’s were jealous of him due to a good looking white horse he owned .
He was offered fabulous costs and cash to sell that horse however recent man would refuse language, “This isn't simply horse to Maine, he's someone and a lover.. are you able to sell someone or a friend?? No.. it’s unimaginable.”
One day in morning once he visited stable he saw that horse wasn't there. News unfold within the village and whole village gathered at his house.

They said, “You area unit foolish recent man.. everybody needed that horse, everybody knew that sometime it might be taken. you may have sell that horse for any worth however nonetheless you unbroken it. currently horse it gone, what a misfortune..!!”
Old man replied, “Fact is that horse isn't in stable, everything else you say could be a judgement. however does one understand whether or not it’s a misfortune or not?”
People replied, “Don’t fool U.S.A... A treasure has been lost, it’s a misfortune.”
Old man replied, “I simply understand that stable is empty and anything i don’t understand as a result of this can be simply a fraction. United Nations agency is aware of what’s about to follow..”
People laughed at him and left. They aforesaid that he was crazy. He may have sell that horse and live a higher life instead of living in misery and poorness. currently even that horse is taken and he lost all hope of obtaining loaded.
After few days horse came back from geographical area and with him came a lot of horse of same breed.
People around village gathered once more and aforesaid, “Old man, you were right. we tend to area unit sorry our judgement. You were right it wasn’t a misfortune however a blessing. Now, you've got a lot of stunning horses. you'll train them and sell them to earn cash.”

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