Pieces of paper

Once in a village there was an recent man World Health Organization was didn’t like his young neighbor. therefore he unfold rumors voice communication, “My neighbor may be a malefactor..”
One day a stealing happened in same neighborhood and since of rumor everybody doubted that young man. As a result he was in remission.
Some days later once investigation young man was found innocent and was free from the custody of police. Young man felt humiliated as he walked back to his home.

Young man determined to sue that recent man and filed case in court for wrong accusatory him.
On the date of hearing, in court once decide asked recent man concerning accusatory young man and spreading rumor concerning him.
Old man replied, “They were simply comments.. It didn’t hurt anyone..”
Before passing judgment for the case, decide aforesaid to recent man, “Today before deed, wrote all the items that you just aforesaid this young man on a sheet of paper and cut that up into tiny items.
Take those piece with you and on your thanks to home throw those items of paper out. Tomorrow return for the hearing for sentence..”
Old man left and did as decide asked him to try and do.
Next day decide told recent man, “Before receiving sentence.. i would like you to try and do an added factor..”
Old man asked, “What is it?”
Judge replied, “You can need to quit and gather all the items of paper that you just threw out yesterday..”

Old man was aghast and aforesaid, “I can’t do this.. Wind should have unfold them and that i won’t be able to realize them any longer..”
The decide replied, “Same way.. after you comment one thing negative concerning somebody which will destroy the respect of that man to such extent that one isn't able to fix it..”
Old man realised his mistake and asked for forgiveness of that young man.
Don’t blame anyone while not knowing truth or truth.. Your words might Ruin Someone’s name with none fault of theirs.. or perhaps ruin their Life..

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